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The biggest advantage of our blog is that we are not only writing about “Challenges”/”Goal Settings”, but we will also start our own Challenge!

We are starting on 25th April and we will finish it on 25th April 2024. (Exactly one year from when our blog is publicly shared.)

Our Goals

Our Goals Category are following:

  • Financial
  • At least 12 publications only about our Challenge.
  • Uniq visitors goal
  • Subscribers

Detailed more SMART Goal, will be shared later.


Each goal has equal importance and is responsible for 25% of the Challenge progress. Our overall success is counted.

More about plans

We will be sharing our progress here in our blog, and in our Newsletter, but also share our plans and lesson learned if we didn’t reach our short-term goal.

Why One Year?

We are a blog not only about “One Year Challenges”. We started with Summer Challenges, but we decided on “One Year” for two reasons: First is that for the main Challenge, we would like to show possible progress, which we can make within one year. The second reason is…. we will not share yet. The history of this blog genesis will share later and keep for now as a mistery. πŸ™‚

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Important: What is this?

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