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I am currently working with a computer, mainly sitting, while on the other side the sun is shining ☀️ and the vacation month lies ahead of me. So far, my focus has been on various business challenges and goals. However, it’s time to embark on my first Sport Challenge as an example. This is not just a theoretical concept; it involves real challenges and work for me. As my reader, you can track my progress and see if I achieve the desired results. I am starting from scratch, and most of my readers can probably relate to that starting point.

Initial Status

I discovered our old bike and gave it a thorough cleaning, although it still requires some renovation. I mapped out a simple test route for cycling and set some easily achievable initial goals. It can be recommended by me always to take the first step as an easy one. This allows me to determine if this is truly for me, as it’s better to start with achievable goals rather than giving up too soon.

Another goal I have is related to walking and tracking steps. Since my phone is always with me, steps are automatically counted. Walking is not new to me, unlike biking.

First Trainings

My personal challenge is to accomplish the following within one month:

  • Bike: Cover a distance of 50 km
  • Walking and Steps: Accumulate 100 km

Current Status – 10 July


I have completed my first training session, covering a distance of 6.4 km. The day before, I went for a shorter ride without using an app, so it does not count towards my challenge. A 5-6 km ride is an average distance that I can easily manage without any issues.

Current Goal Progress with Bike.


I haven’t specifically trained for walking yet. I did one test walk to evaluate the step-counting functionality of the app. Prior to incorporating biking into my routine, walking was my primary activity. Throughout this month, I will explore ways to integrate both activities together. My estimation is that walking will be twice as much as biking. We will see next month how this pans out in reality.

Walking and Steps progress.


As you can see from the screenshots, I am utilizing the “anydistance” app to track my progress. The blog “OneYearChallengeProject” will serve as the primary source for consolidated data, my personal remarks, and the archive of my journey.


In my quest for a more active lifestyle, I’ve begun by reviving an old bike and setting up a simple cycling route. Starting with easily attainable goals, I’m ensuring that I don’t give up too soon. Additionally, I’m tracking my walking and steps, which have been a familiar activity for me. Over the next month, I aim to cover 50 km on the bike and accumulate 100 km through walking and steps. Stay tuned to see if I can achieve these targets!

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