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Time is progressing, and we find ourselves in the third report of our one-year challenge, steadily making more and more progress. Starting with this episode, we will track and describe our advancements, using the defined steps from the previous month to navigate progress in our challenge.

Progress Tracker

Goals from Last Month:

  • Establishing a Facebook profile βœ… and potentially expanding to other social media platforms. ⛔️
  • Opening newsletter registrations for interested subscribers. ⛔️
  • Setting up our Analytics profile to gain valuable insights. βœ…
  • Publishing new articles. βœ…/⛔️

Progress Comments

During the last month, I focused on developing our official Facebook page and successfully gained our first followers. To achieve this, I utilized Facebook Ads. Unfortunately, I experienced setbacks in terms of content creation. I need to delve deeper into the reasons behind this regression. Such occurrences serve as a reminder that, for online projects and businesses, it is crucial to cultivate your own audience. When relying solely on central social media platforms, you are always a visitor. This is precisely why our goal doesn’t revolve around social media but rather emphasizes the importance of our newsletter.

Speaking of the newsletter, it holds a significant position this month. My aim is to launch the newsletter before the next episode. Do you have any ideas regarding its content? I’m open to suggestions.

We added Google Analytics to this WordPress instance. You can read about this step in the new category in our blog in Polish and in English.

While we have published new articles, they were mostly connected to posts in different blogs and yesterday’s new sport challenge. My ambition is to create more “Guides” for you, which is why I consider this point partially accomplished.

Update Goals

Our Goals Category was defined as follow:

  • Financial
  • At least 12 publications only about our Challenge.
  • Uniq visitors goal
  • Subscribers

We neglected to establish specific and measurable numbers that would render these goals more SMART. It’s time to rectify this oversight and begin tracking our progress.

CategoryGoalCurrent Value (Record)
Financial100$ (exchange rates from 25.04.23)0
At least 12 publications only about our Challenge.123
Uniq visitors goal (Month)10031 (June ’23)
Subscribers500 (Not Started: ⛔️)

I don’t believe the goals are overly complicated or difficult to achieve. It is our first year of projects and challenges, so the initial steps should be relatively manageable. The same approach applies to my first sports challenge.

All our active challenges can be tracked in the left sidebar.

Next Steps

n the forthcoming summary post, we intend to concentrate on the following areas:

  • Explore the potential expansion to other social media platforms.
  • Initiate newsletter registrations for interested subscribers.
  • Test additional ideas within the blog to enhance its value for visitors.
  • Publish new articles (Guides).

By taking these steps, we aim to propel our project into the next phases and avoid stagnation.


In this progress report for the one-year challenge, we navigate setbacks in content creation while emphasizing the importance of cultivating our own audience. Our immediate focus is on launching the newsletter and refining our goals for better tracking. Looking ahead, we plan to explore other social media platforms, open newsletter registrations, and publish valuable articles, ensuring our project continues to progress.

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