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Welcome in my first report about Sport Challenge progress update with my first Bike Challenge. In previous post I introduced my challenge and share my first progress. Today I will share with you my first progress and records.

Challenge details reminder


My personal challenge is to accomplish the following within one month:

  • Bike: Cover a distance of 50 km
  • Walking and Steps: Accumulate 100 km

Goal – Sport Challenge progress update

Screenshot with Goals
Sport Challenge progress update

Current Status – 17 July


Screenshot with Training
Screenshot with Training

Last week I make two trainings. One is my record 9.14 km. Next day I made additional 6.30 km similar as my first training. I wrote in first episode, that 5-6 km ride is an average distance that I can easily manage, but I tried more and I feel I am close to be on higher level.

If weather condition help me. I would like to try training above 10 km this week. If not possible then 1-2 standard training for about 6 km will be ok for me. In case of my goal. I think I am on track. If I will manage 10K, then there is no risk for achievement 50K till deadline.


Screenshot with training

Next day after my second bike training I made walking training. 4.3 km is currently my the biggest training from this category, but here we need to remember, that my daily steps are also counting to my final goal. Nevertheless I would like to add “Walking training” as well. Here we have 100K goal and I think here I wouldn’t have also any issue to archive it.


As you can see from the screenshots, I am utilizing the “anydistance” app to track my progress. The blog “OneYearChallengeProject” will serve as the primary source for consolidated data, my personal remarks, and the archive of my journey.

Current Records

Distance (KM)Time (H:M)


Last week I made 3 trainings tracked by App. In both category I set my new records. I am without any problem on track to achieve my goals. This week starting with some weather problems, I hope it will not prevent me to finish.

Do you have as well some sport activity goals?

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