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We embarked on our challenge in April, but since then, we’ve been silent. It’s time to break the silence and take action! In this post, we present our initial update and important information. We’ll also share our goals for the upcoming month.

Initial Audit

We’re starting from scratch. Even our Facebook Fun Page has zero followers. We haven’t ventured into any other social media platforms yet. Our Newsletter hasn’t been launched, and we have zero subscribers. This is only our second post about our challenge, whereas we should have had one more by now. (Mai update)

Furthermore, we haven’t implemented Google Analytics on our Portal. As an alternative, we’ve had 65 visitors and 71 views so far based on other Tool. We’ll closely monitor our progress and establish realistic goals.

Naturally, we haven’t generated any revenue at this stage. However, this aspect will be addressed in the second half of our challenge. Our current focus should be on the fundamentals, prioritizing the goals we’ve set and delivering value to our readers.

Next Steps

In the next summary post, we plan to concentrate on the following areas:

  • Establishing a Facebook profile and potentially expanding to other social media platforms.
  • Opening newsletter registrations for interested subscribers.
  • Setting up our Analytics profile to gain valuable insights.
  • Publishing new articles.

By taking these steps, we aim to propel our project into the next phases and avoid stagnation.


In this blog post, we unveil our challenge’s initial audit and acknowledge the need for improvement. We recognize the gaps in our social media presence, newsletter subscriptions, and content output. Additionally, we highlight the absence of revenue generation at this stage, focusing instead on delivering value to our readers. Looking ahead, we outline our next steps, including establishing a Facebook presence, launching our newsletter, setting up Analytics, and publishing new articles. These actions will propel our project forward and ensure progress on our journey.

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